david pledger

david pledger.

David Pledger

Photographer: Pia Johnson

Photographer: Pia Johnson

David Pledger is a contemporary artist and curator working within and between the performing, visual and media arts in Australia, Asia and Europe. His live performances, installations, interactive artworks, documentaries and digital art have been presented in various locations including theatres, galleries, museums, a car-park, a stables, a cattleyard, a suburban house, a film studio and the Australian Institute of Sport. His work is notable for building new artworks that combine movement, image, sound and word into an organic system and for engaging publics in productive and provocative ways. From his initial practice, live performance, he has developed a cross-disciplinary dramaturgy in which a central platform is engaging with artists across artforms and experts from social, scientific and academic fields.

Cited as ‘one of Australia’s true creative originals’ in a recent national survey of the performing arts, David is the recipient of numerous project and career awards for his work as a director, designer, writer and actor in live performance and new media. Distinguished by collaborations with media arts pioneer Jeffrey Shaw, visual artists William Kelly and Callum Morton, choreographer Shimizu Shinjin and theatre director, Kim Kwang Lim, his practice interests include the body, the digital realm and public space. In 1995, he co-founded not yet it’s difficult (NYID), one of Australia’s leading interdisciplinary arts companies.

David’s curatorial practice focuses on developing the optimal conditions for artistic production in which exhibition and programming ambitions can be realised. He is currently engaged in various artistic adventures with social change agency, Igniting Change, the City of Gold Coast around his future-focussed art-thinktank 2970° and the Spatial Information Architecture Lab (SIAL) at the School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University, where he is on a research scholarship.




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